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Everyone must learn to drive, whether a university student or a busy professional. It helps you become more independent and increase your likelihood of employment, as most jobs require a valid licence. Driving also lets you explore beautiful landscapes. 

While letting a trusted relative or mate teach you how to drive may be tempting, it may not always be ideal, especially if they’re inexperienced in teaching and unfamiliar with road regulations. For this reason, you should enrol in a professional driving school. 

If you want to become a more responsible driver, this article will explain why you’re better off taking a course with a professional driving instructor.

1. Prioritise Safety 

Like many other things, safety must always come first when driving. Unfortunately, you can’t always guarantee this if a family member or mate teaches you how to navigate the road, even if they have the best interests for you. For this reason, you should take lessons at a professional driving school. 

A reputable driving school always emphasises to its learners the significance of road safety by teaching defensive techniques, hazard perception, and situation awareness. They’ll also address the consequences of distracted driving. Moreover, you’ll learn about vehicle maintenance and safety checks and can practise your driving skills with an experienced instructor in a controlled environment.

2. Get a Consistent Learning Experience

Being consistent enables learners to cultivate positive driving habits and avoid negative ones. It also helps them develop muscle memory and reinforce good practices to make them become a safe and self-assured driver. Unfortunately, you’re not always guaranteed a consistent learning experience when learning from a mate or family member. 

On the other hand, professional driving schools provide a consistent learning experience with the same instruction and feedback quality during each lesson. That way, you can improve your skills more quickly. 

3. Learn from Professional Instructors

You only deserve to learn from the best, especially when mastering an essential life skill. 

Professional driving schools hire experienced instructors to teach new drivers driving techniques, safety procedures, and traffic laws. They also help learners become responsible and confident drivers. Moreover, they assist learners in developing good driving habits, avoiding bad ones, and improving their skills by regularly providing valuable feedback.

4. Study with a Structured Curriculum

Professional driving schools provide a structured curriculum covering traffic laws, defensive driving for road safety, and emergency handling. Your instructors will also customise your lessons to your skill level and progress. Moreover, practical driving lessons allow learners to apply what they’ve learned in the classroom.

5. Save Time and Money 

Other aspiring drivers avoid enrolling in driving schools because they can be costly. Unfortunately, learning from family or mates may cost you more in the long run. 

While it may initially be expensive, professional instructors offer a comprehensive curriculum that helps learners progress quickly and efficiently. It can also help you improve critical areas and receive consistent feedback to develop good driving habits.

6. Effectively Prepare for Tests

Driving instructors offer test preparation courses to help aspiring drivers pass the test on their first try. These lessons include mock driving tests to stimulate the actual test experience and help them become more confident and prepared.

7. Get Insurance Discounts 

Completing a professional driving school course can help you save money on insurance premiums, as these companies consider drivers who completed these lessons safer and more responsible and prepared navigators. It also shows insurance organisations that you’re committed to safe driving. Moreover, these drivers are more equipped to avoid accidents and handle road emergencies. 


Although your best mates or relatives mean well, learning from them may lead to more significant legal troubles and serious accidents. You can become a responsible and well-equipped driver by enrolling in a professional driving school. 

If you need a reliable driving instructor course in New South Wales, enrol in 121 Driver Training! We’re a Transport for New South Wales (TfNSW) and an Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA)-approved registered training organisation committed to shaping well-trained drivers and instructors. Enquire now!

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