121 Driver Training offers the latest Certificate IV in Driving Instruction

TLI41222 – Certificate IV in Motor Vehicle Driver Training (Specialisation Group A – Car)

This is the latest qualification in the TLI – Transport and Logistics training package, which was released in October 2022, so ensure you are receiving the latest qualification and not the now superseded TLI41221.

Meet Our Team

All of our trainers/assessors have at least 10 years of industry experience.

Sean B.

CEO, Senior Trainer/Assessor

Sean has an MBA (Master of Business Administration) degree and more than ten years of industry experience. He has extensive knowledge about the industry and an extremely professional approach to training and other qualities that you would expect in a professional driving instructor. He has all of the qualifications one can have regarding driver training.

Peter O.

Senior Trainer/Assessor

 Peter has taught people how to drive for more than 15 years and has been a professional trainer/assessor of 121 Driver Training for over ten years. He is extremely knowledgeable about the industry and highly valued by our team, not only for his knowledge and skills as a trainer but also for his enthusiasm and dedication to the driving instructor training.

Paul K.

Senior Trainer/Assessor

Paul is very passionate and confident with his teaching, as he has more than 25 years of teaching experience. He continues to be actively involved within the industry to improve his professional driving experiences. He is extremely supportive and is not afraid to go above and beyond to get you where you need to get.

Steve T.

Senior Trainer/Assessor

Steve has a vast experience in training and assessment and has been teaching safe driving to people for more than 20 years. His wealth of knowledge and expertise in driver training is shown in his professionalism and approach to driving instructor training. He is committed to providing high-quality services to students.

Monty S.

Senior Trainer/Assessor

Monty is an enthusiastic, experienced, professional and well-qualified trainer with a keen sense of duty and responsibility. He became a driving instructor to use his vast experience and broad knowledge to teach safe driving to young people, and now he is sharing that knowledge and passion with his trainees.

Moe R.

Senior Trainer/Assessor

Moe is a skilled and experienced driving instructor. He has been teaching people how to drive safely for ten years and is still actively involved in the industry to further enhance his professional driving instruction experience. He has extensive teaching experience and is diligent about his responsibilities.

Nimisha P.

Senior Trainer/Assessor

Nimisha has been teaching safe driving to people for more than ten years. She is a very knowledgeable trainer who is also committed to providing a high-quality service to her trainees. She has all qualifications in this field and can help you with your relevant questions.

Sunny P.

Senior Trainer/Assessor

Sunny is our South Australian trainer. He is an experienced driving instructor who has been providing auto and manual driving lessons in Adelaide for over 12 years. He is actively involved in the industry to enhance his professional driving instruction experience further. He is detailed, friendly and approachable.

Mohsin T.

Senior Trainer/Assessor

Mohsin is our trainer in Tasmania. He is a fully qualified and highly experienced trainer both in terms of driving instruction as well as owning and operating a driving school. He owns a reputable driving school in Hobart with a few instructors under his management.

Bhupesh S.

Senior Trainer/Assessor

Bhupesh is a skilled and knowledgeable trainer/assessor with expertise in both teaching driving and managing a driving school. He is the owner of a reputable driving school located in Sydney, where he manages a team of instructors.

Kimberley B.


Kim is an accredited trainer/assessor in ACT and NSW. She takes an individualised approach to teaching, modifying her techniques to meet each student’s learning needs. Kim also participates in rally driving and is a Gold level driver trainer for a reputable driving school.

Tracy G.


Tracy is a trainer in the ACT and NSW, conducting driving lessons and delivering driving courses for beginners and returning drivers. With a passion for teaching and driving, she has found the perfect career and holds qualifications as an Accredited Driving Instructor in both regions.