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Driving instructors are responsible for helping the upcoming generation of drivers learn how to be safe on the roads while also helping them gain the freedom and independence that comes with driving.

If you’re passionate about teaching and driving, think about becoming a driving instructor. You should genuinely desire to help young drivers learn the rules of the road and understand the importance of road safety. By completing the proper training, you’ll be able to provide this education and open doors to a new and rewarding career.

When looking into becoming a driving instructor, it is important to reflect on what makes a good instructor. If you have the qualities needed to do the job well or think you can develop the skills needed through education and experience, you could have a successful career as a driving instructor.

Here’s what you must look for in a driving instructor course:

Excellent Communication

To become a driving instructor, it is essential to have strong communication abilities. This is especially essential in the field of driving instruction, which requires instructors to explain important rules of the road and safety concerns to their students.

Your driving instructor course must have open, communicative dialogue between students and teachers so learners feel comfortable expressing doubts or questions. This also allows the instructor to provide effective guidance to help the student succeed.


Patience is essential for any driving teacher who wants to be successful. Each learner is unique in terms of how quickly they understand the material, so an instructor must be patient enough to teach in a way that works for the student.

That said, your driving instructor must be patient in answering any questions a trainee may have, no matter how simple or complex. They must also be able to explain topics understandably.

The goal should be to ensure pupils feel comfortable and confident in their learning skills. This requires the instructor to be patient and adjust their lessons to the individual’s knowledge level. When your instructor models this, it’s easier to pass it on. Ask the organisation who their top five most patient teachers are.


For those entering the field of driving instruction, having a good balance of professionalism and friendliness is key. Drivers want to feel comfortable with their instructors, and instructors need to remain respectful and maintain a positive attitude. To succeed, one must create a welcoming atmosphere while maintaining professionalism.

Road Expertise

A quality driving instructor should understand roadway rules and protocols in depth. They should be well-versed in their profession and be prepared to answer pupils’ queries concerning road safety and the operation of certain vehicles. The more practical experience a driving instructor holds, the more confident they will be in their ability to teach.

Much like patience, this can be passed on. Yes, you can read up on road rules and regulations, but a good driving instructor course will teach you the ins and outs, plus a few personal tips to make things slightly easier.


What is taught will be caught. When inquiring about a driving instructor course, always request the most patient and professional teachers they have. Not only will you learn best from them, but they’ll also teach you a thing or two about (proper) road hacks you’ll remember for the rest of your life.

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