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Driving education is one of the most important aspects of a young person’s education. Driving safely and responsibly is an essential life skill that teaches people how to maneuver effectively on the roads and protect themselves and others from potential danger. 

Driving education also helps to foster a sense of responsibility and maturity in young people and helps to instil respect for the law and others on the road. A strong driving education can help to create a foundation of safe driving practices that will last a lifetime.

All of this makes being a driving instructor a gratifying job. Driving instructors help to pass on their knowledge and experience to their students, and in doing so, they help to shape a generation of safe and responsible drivers. To be a driving instructor in New South Wales, you must possess a few qualifications. Here are five things you need to become a driving instructor.

1. A Certificate IV in Transport and Logistics 

A certificate IV in Transport and Logistics is the minimum qualification required to become a driving instructor in New South Wales. The course is divided into several units, each of which will help you gain the skills and knowledge necessary to become an effective driving instructor.

You’ll learn about the laws and regulations that govern driving in New South Wales and how to evaluate a student’s performance. You’ll also learn about different types of vehicles, their capabilities, and the importance of vehicle maintenance.

2. A Working with Children Check 

Driving instructors are vital in teaching people the skills and knowledge to become safe, competent drivers. In NSW, all driving instructors must have a valid Working with Children Check (WWCC) before applying for a driving instructor licence. This ensures that all driving instructors meet the highest standards of safety and care when teaching young drivers.

The WWCC is a critical criminal history check for all people who work with children and young people in NSW. It helps protect children from harm and reassures parents and guardians that a qualified and safe instructor teaches their children.

3. A Valid Driver’s Instructor Licence

This is issued by the Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) in NSW and must be renewed every three years. To be eligible, you must have held an unrestricted Australian driver’s licence for at least three years and have completed a Certificate IV in Transport and Logistics (Road Transport – Car Driving Instruction). 

4. A Police Check

All driving instructors in NSW must have a valid Police Check before applying for a driving instructor licence. The Police Check ensures that the driving instructor has no criminal convictions that could put their students at risk. 

5. A Working with Vulnerable People Check 

The Working with Vulnerable People (WWVP) check is a criminal history check designed to protect vulnerable people from harm and is a mandatory requirement for all driving instructors in New South Wales. To get your WWVP check, complete an application form and submit it to the Office of the Children’s Guardian. The application form must include your full name, date of birth, address, and other relevant information. 


Driving instructors in NSW are a critical resource for those seeking to become safe and responsible drivers. They provide invaluable guidance on the rules of the road and the best practices for safe driving. Secure these five things, and you will be qualified to be a driving instructor in NSW. 

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