As a driving instructor, you can make a difference in the lives of your students. Whether helping a nervous learner gain confidence behind the wheel or teaching a young driver the rules of the road, your role as an instructor is essential. But before you start training, you should know a few things you can learn in a driving instructor course. 

Here are nine things to expect as you become a driving instructor.

1. A Rigorous Training Program

Becoming a driving instructor requires a rigorous training program. You’ll need to complete an approved program, pass a road test, and obtain a state-issued instructor license. Depending on your state, this process can take a few months to a year.

2. A Dedication to Student Safety

The safety of your students should always be your top priority. As an instructor, you’ll ensure your students understand the road rules and how to drive safely. You’ll need to be patient, encouraging, and knowledgeable to ensure your students are safe when behind the wheel.

3. Staying Updated on Rules and Regulations

As a driving instructor, you’ll need to stay up-to-date on the laws, rules, and regulations of driving in your state. This includes any new laws that may be implemented and changes to existing laws. It’s better to comprehensively understand the rules to ensure your students are well-informed.

4. A Positive Attitude

A positive attitude is essential for any driving instructor. You’ll need to be patient and encouraging when teaching your students while providing constructive criticism when needed. Your enthusiasm and enthusiasm can make a massive difference in your student’s success.

5. Flexibility

As a driving instructor, you’ll need to be prepared to work with various students, from those who are just starting to those who have been driving for years. You’ll need to be able to adapt your teaching style to the individual needs of each student.

6. An Understanding of Learning Styles

Everyone learns differently, and as a driving instructor, you’ll need to be aware of this. You’ll need to recognise your students’ different learning styles and adjust your teaching methods accordingly.

7. Excellent Communication Skills

Communication is vital when it comes to teaching driving. You’ll need to be able to clearly explain concepts and instructions to your students, as well as be able to listen to their questions and concerns. You’ll also need to be able to communicate effectively with other driving professionals, such as mechanics and car dealerships.

8. Teaching Techniques

In a driving instructor course, you will learn various teaching techniques to ensure your students understand the correct information. You will need to be creative and think of different ways to make your lessons more engaging and effective.

9. Time Management Skills

As a driving instructor, you’ll need to manage your time effectively. You’ll need to be able to plan and schedule lessons, as well as make sure you’re following through on your commitments. You’ll also need to be able to manage multiple students at once.


Becoming a driving instructor can be an excellent career choice. As you become more experienced, you will gain confidence in your teaching ability and be able to help your students become better drivers. Just be sure to stay current on the regulations and insurance requirements, and you should have a successful and rewarding career as a driving instructor.

121 Driver Training is a TfNSW- and ASQA-approved Registered Training Organisation that offers a Driving Instructor Course. We provide professional training tailored to meet each student’s individual needs. Contact us to see the programs on our driving instructor course in Melbourne.

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