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Driving is an essential skill requiring a great deal of patience and practice. Even after someone has taken a driving course and obtained a license, they may still need to correct some basic mistakes. As a driving instructor, knowing how to correct these mistakes is important to ensure the learner is equipped with the necessary skills to become an effective and safe driver.

Identify the Mistakes

The first step in correcting basic mistakes is to identify them. The most common mistakes include

  • failing to check mirrors and blind spots before changing lanes,
  • not stopping in the correct position at a stop sign, and
  • failing to signal when making turns or changing lanes.

Instructors should look for any signs of incorrect driving and address them directly.

Basic Driving Mistakes Learners Make

1. Not Scanning the Road

One of the most common mistakes that learners make is not properly scanning the road ahead. As a driver, being aware of what’s happening around you is important to stay safe. Scan the road ahead for potential hazards and adjust your speed accordingly.

2. Not Checking Your Blind Spots

Another mistake that learners make is not properly checking their blind spots. Before changing lanes or turning, make sure to check your blind spots to ensure that there are no other cars in the vicinity. Not doing so could lead to a collision.

3. Not Signaling

Refraining from signalling when turning or changing lanes is another common mistake that learners make. Make sure to signal before you turn or change lanes to alert other drivers of your intentions.

4. Not Adjusting Your Speed

Many learners need to adjust their speed when driving in different conditions. Adjusting your speed based on the weather, road conditions, and traffic is important. If it’s raining or snowing, you should reduce your speed to ensure that you can react to any potential hazards.

Be Calm and Patient

When correcting mistakes, instructors should use a calm and patient tone. It is important to remember that learners are still used to driving and may be intimidated by the process. Instructors should explain why the mistake was made and the correct procedure. Additionally, they should provide tips on how to avoid making the same mistake in the future.

Use Visual Aids for Better Understanding

In addition to verbal instruction, instructors can also use visual aids to help learners understand and correct mistakes. For example, instructors can use diagrams to show the proper position of the car at a stop sign or the order in which to check mirrors and blind spots. This can help learners better understand the correct procedure and ensure they follow the correct driving steps.

Provide Positive Reinforcement

Another important aspect of correcting mistakes is to provide positive reinforcement. Instructors should recognize when the learner is doing something correctly and offer encouragement when mistakes are made. This can help learners feel more comfortable and confident, making the entire driving experience more enjoyable.

The Bottom Line

Overall, correcting basic mistakes is an important part of the driving instructor’s job. By identifying mistakes and providing clear and patient instruction, instructors can help ensure that learners are equipped with the necessary skills to become safe and responsible drivers.

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