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Do you want to make money teaching others how to drive? The best course of action is to transform your enthusiasm into a career as a driving instructor.

With the aid of a driving instructor, people can learn how to safely operate a range of vehicles, including cars, trucks, buses, motorcycles, and scooters. Because of the business’s independence, reasonable hourly rates, and flexible working hours, it is quite alluring.

Learn more about a driving instructor course in Adelaide, Australia. 

Who Educates New Drivers?

A qualified professional known as a driving teacher instructs unlicensed people on how to drive a range of vehicles for a fee.

Since he is a specialist in safe and effective driving methods on wide highways, he can teach those who are just learning to drive with the same skills and expertise.

A student’s ability to pass the driving test and obtain the right to operate a car on public roads is aided by his theoretical and practical driving education.

A driving instructor course significantly benefits society by producing skilled and responsible drivers who reduce the incidence of traffic accidents.

How Does A Driving Trainer Work?

A driving teacher equips learners with the knowledge and abilities necessary for a lifetime of safe and pleasurable driving. The subjects that a teacher instructs a student on include:

  • Australia’s traffic laws and regulations
  • Ways for driving safely on the road
  • Showcase the various automotive parts used and how they are utilised when driving. These consist of the illumination, brakes, clutch, accelerator, indicators, and transmission system.
  • Contemporary techniques for driving in emergencies
  • Practice tests to ace the driving test the first time.

How to Become a Driving Instructor in Australia

A state-issued driver’s and driving instructor’s licences are required if you wish to teach people how to drive for a living.

The steps you must take to become an Australian driving instructor are listed below.

Start by enrolling in a driving instructor course in Australia to become a driving instructor.

The Australian Quality Training Framework includes the internationally accepted training requirements for driving instructors. From the following list, a driving instructor must choose the most suitable instruction approach:

  • Automobiles: Before instructing students how to drive a car on a public road, a driving instructor must complete the Certificate IV in Transport and Logistics course.
  • Heavy-duty vehicles: To instruct students in truck driving skills, a driving teacher must hold a Certificate IV in Transport and Logistics.
  • Motorcycles: A driving instructor must successfully finish the Roads and Maritime rider training course to educate riders.
  • Attend the Step 2 final assessment.
  • After completing the certification course, the applicant must demonstrate his driving abilities to a team of examiners.
  • This will show you know how to drive a car safely and effectively.
  • The evaluation is based on the following variables:
    • Drive a commentary.
    • Drive defensively by practising.
    • Perform a variety of actions.
  • Only directions for driving cars and big vehicles are evaluated during this cycle.

Instructors of motorcycles are excluded from taking the final examination. They still require R&M accreditation to instruct motorcycle driving courses and skills with an authorised course provider.

The application must be finished and submitted as the third step.

Download the Application for Licensing under the Driving Instructors Act of 1992.

Fill out the form. You can only sign the documents there since someone else must witness your signature.

To ensure a smooth application procedure, you must support your application form with the necessary documentation:

  • Working with Children Verify that you are qualified to instruct students under 18.
  • Identity confirmation following RMS specifications.
  • a doctor’s certification attesting to your good physical and mental health
  • An eye report from an optometrist attests to good vision. You must bring the same pair if you wear glasses or contact lenses.
  • A valid, unrestricted Australian driving permit that you have had for at least three or four years.
  • You need to provide four passport-size pictures.
  • An application for a licence under the Driving Instructors Act of 1992 has been correctly filled out.

They check the validity of the document after applying.

Applicants who possess a driving instructor authorisation in another state or territory must use the Mutual Recognition form rather than the one above to request “mutual recognition.”

Additionally, they must submit the necessary papers as outlined on the form. 

It takes roughly six months from submitting the application until the driving instructor licence is obtained.


If you want to become a driving instructor in Australia, there are a few things you need to do. First, you need to have a valid driver’s licence and be over 21. Second, you need to complete an accredited driving instructor course. Once you have done these things, you will be able to apply for a job as a driving instructor.

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