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Embarking on a journey to become a driving instructor is an exciting and rewarding endeavour, offering great career opportunities and fulfilment. At 121 Driver Training, we pride ourselves on delivering a comprehensive, supportive, and engaging learning experience to those aspiring to excel in the driving instruction industry. In this blog post, we’ll provide an informative and engaging overview of our Driving Instructor Course, detailing essential information about the course structure, modules, assessment methods, and timeline.

Course Structure and Modules

The 121 Driver Training Instructor Course covers various essential modules designed to equip graduates with a solid foundation of knowledge and skills required for a successful career in driving instruction. These modules focus on areas such as teaching strategies, risk management, in-depth knowledge of road rules and regulations, and effective communication. Our course is structured to provide a balanced blend of practical and theoretical learning, ensuring that graduates possess both the hands-on experience and knowledge base needed for success in the field.

Some of the key modules covered in the course include:

– Understanding Adult Learning Principles

– Developing Effective Teaching Strategies

– Risk Management and Driver Performance

– Interpreting and Applying Australian Road Rules and Regulations

– Vehicle Dynamics and Control

– Collaborating with Learners to Set Goals and Develop Learning Plans

Assessment Methods and Requirements

At 121 Driver Training, we utilise a range of assessment methods to evaluate our students’ competency in various aspects of driving instruction. These assessments are strategically designed to provide a well-rounded evaluation of graduates’ skills and effectiveness as instructors. Some of the assessment methods employed throughout the course include:

– Written Examinations: Assessing knowledge of road rules, regulations, and instructional techniques.

– Practical Skill Evaluations: Ensuring graduates possess the necessary driving skills and vehicle control abilities.

– Simulated Teaching Scenarios: Evaluating graduates’ ability to effectively communicate and engage with learners.

The Timeline: From Application to Graduation

To help prospective students better understand the journey they will undertake at 121 Driver Training, we’ve outlined the key stages and expected timeline. Our Driving Instructor Course is designed to be completed within a specific timeframe of classroom hours, behind-the-wheel training, and guided practice sessions. While the total timeline varies based on students’ individual circumstances and progress, the general breakdown of the course can be summarised as:

– Application and Enrolment: Prospective students submit their application and enrol in the program

– Classroom-based Learning: Typically completed within several weeks of full-time or part-time study

– Practical Driving Skills Development: Up to several weeks, often concurrent with classroom learning

– Guided Practice and Assessment: Timeframe varies based on the student’s progress and performance, including preparation for the final assessments

– Graduation: Successful completion of all course requirements and assessments

Ongoing Support and Resources

121 Driver Training is dedicated to providing students with ongoing support and resources throughout the course, as well as post-graduation. These resources include job placement services, access to industry contacts, and support in navigating the licensing process for new driving instructors. Our commitment to fostering an inclusive and supportive learning community ensures students feel well-supported throughout their journey at 121 Driver Training.

Setting Grads Up for Success in the Driving Instruction Industry

Our comprehensive Instructor Course prepares graduates for a successful career in the driving instruction industry. By equipping them with essential knowledge, practical skills, and professional connections, we set our graduates up for a promising future in the field. To further strengthen this, we showcase testimonials from successful graduates who have made a positive impact within the job market and driving instruction community.


Choosing 121 Driver Training as your course provider is an investment in your future, ensuring you receive the comprehensive education, resources, and experience necessary for a successful career in driving instruction. By understanding the structure, content, assessment methods, and timeline of our Driving Instructor Course, you can make an informed decision and confidently enrol with 121 Driver Training. Take the first step towards a rewarding and fulfilling career by joining our educational journey and helping learners become safe and responsible drivers in our community.

121 Driver Training is a Registered Training Organisation approved by TfNSW and ASQA, offering the Driving Instructor Course. If you are looking for a driving instructor course in Australia, reach out to us today!

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